Firsts shareable tracks

I listen a lot of music, but I never played nether try to make some. However, it is an import part in a video game, it must not be forsaken.

I wanted to know if I could handle this part of the job, so I began to learn. I started from the ground, with sound synthesis. Then, I slowly made my way to composition. It was a tortuous path. I take a break with the Viznut experimental approach, how to make music (or sound structure) from very short programs. Even if the results could be amazing, it is really… experimental ! Though I love this kind of experience, it can be difficult to listen to. After some evenings trying to make my own formula, I had to be obvious ; It was not magic and I would’nt make it without a little serious learning.

After some times looking for a software that fits my needs, I found Sunvox made by Alexander Zolotov (nightradio). This tool can look strange at first, but it is a real crossplatform tool. I installed it on differents computers, and mostly on my smartphone. Even if it is not free on mobile device, it is worth it ! I could try what I learned everywhere when I got some times. I listened to a lot of electronic music, chiptune and study some technics. I made some trash but now, I have my first two shareable tracks. I’m still learning, but now I am more confident with my ability to produce some tracks for a video game.

I hope you like it :

Let’s go !

It’s decided, I’m starting a new project ! It’s been a while since I wanted to go back into the world of video game creation, and my last tests led me to make two decisions:

  • Find a concept that does not take years to develop
  • Make progress public

Indeed, having ideas is not the most complicated. I have already started various prototypes, but they were not easy to finish after understanding the amount of work they really need ! I actually work on my free time, and I finally understood that I have to synthesize as much as possible the concepts in order to keep a realistic project with maximum motivation.

Another idea to keep the motivation to go all the way is to make a commitment to an audience. That’s why I start this adventure on a blog. My goal is to have the most professional approach possible.