Coding started !


I am currently working on the third puzzle, the lock. There is not much to show at the moment, the game consist of finding the right combinaison between 3 disks, over and over again ! Later, this kind of puzzle will be placed on the chests. That will allow the player to open it and get a cool item which will be helpful to get through the level.

It take some times since the last time I write some code in Unity, I’m feeling like a newbie, wondering how to do simple things. But that’s the way I start this game !

I plan to finish this puzzle, with all features at the mid april. For the moment, it seems OK ! The prototype run on PC, Android Emulator and my own smartphone. But I need some more work to show you something interesting. The next time !

Progress page !

I’ve just set up a page to help you track the demo progress. I’ve created several parts corresponding to what we will find in the very first demo. Each part has 6 lights, which corresponds to :

  1. I’ve got a clear idea of what to make
  2. The idea is analysed on a paper sketch
  3. The main structure is implemented
  4. All functionnalities are added
  5. Testing and polishing phase
  6. Finished

I plan to deliver the demo near August, if everything goes well !

The demo will contain 3 types of puzzle, one map not randomly generated, sounds and graphics.

Stay tuned !