Early lock prototype

Hi there, I’m happy to share with you the first prototype which is the Lock puzzle. In the final game, you will find this puzzle on the bonus chest. For the moment, I implement a loop in which the puzzle will spawn with an increasing difficulty as you resolve it.

The puzzle goal is to get the 3 lock disks aligned with the border notch. You can turn them with the mouse. You have one main ennemy, the signal timer. As the difficulty increase a second ennemy will appear, the system overload. If you turn the disks too much without finding the correct position, the system overload will increase. A too high overload value will make the signal decrease two time faster. At last, the disk are procedurally generated and take into account a level parameter so as it become more difficult to identify the right position.

I put some sounds to give feedback but all of this is quite raw. I quickly make the sounds with random white noise on bfxr. I have to fix a few bugs but you can already have an idea of where I am just now. I have to polish sound, music, graphics animation and keyboard controls !

You can test the WEBGL version here. Tell me how you find the puzzle, your thoughts are important to me !

Space Delay

The kind of music I like the most is alternative metal ! Which doesn’t sound exactly like the tracks I do on Sunvox. I promise to myself that the 3rd track would be “industrial”. I’m happy to share my 3rd track, Space Delay, you can find right here and that doesn’t sound metal at all :

I didn’t plan to make a new track now, but I was tweaking my monotrons and got the main idea of the track, a simple melody with an LFO varying while playing with a space delay. I try to make it sounds in Sunvox, here is what I get :

I added drums, it was a bit difficult to found a rythm that follow the varying LFO… After that first step, I wanted to dig the idea. I fixed and improved the main idea. I added another instrument to introduce the effect with the monotron’s like “delay square pitch LFO”. Kind of hard in Sunvox, because it is not natively possible, but this kind of feature is first on the TODO-LIST. I also fix the end of the main theme which sound better now.

The next step consisted of adding a 3rd part, with the main theme but with a different kind of drums and a bass line. That allowed me to introduce the end of the title and try to make a drop. But the drop sounded more like the end of a track rather than … a drop !

So, I try something else and find another drop which sounds better. I share the tracks with some friend, listen to their advices. I fixed some little things I could and here is the track !
I’m not really happy with Space Delay’s drums which doesn’t really fits without having an idea of how to solve that ! I’m not really confident with the progression, it sounds like there was two tracks sticking to each other, but anyway I think this is interesting enough I’m proud to share it with you.
Thanks for your attention. Next time, I’ll show you the first prototype of Puzzle 3 chests e-locks.