Working on Light puzzles


It takes a while since the last time. I’m currently working on the light puzzle, not as fast as I wish. I had to handle some obstacles on the game engine. I first thought that “real” physics-based reflection would do the job, but this way leads to severals cases not intended. We could make the light ray go through the puzzle by tweaking edges cases. Or, because the light ray is not right in the middle on the differents mirrors, a puzzle could be impossible to resolve. So I switched to a different way for light reflection ; It is now following the grid ! Light path is way more predictable and you don’t have to bother whether or not you aim a mirror right in the center.

Light ray following the grid

You can test the reflection model here . Sprites are placeholder, there is no goal, light ray has a temporary representation, controls are odd… I mean all this is quite young, but I wanted to share as it makes a lot of time I didn’t show any activity ! I update global progress from 30 to 35 %

In the same time, I am currently learning some skills on piano and music composition… It is not visible for the moment, but I hope to share another track before the end of the year !

For the next time, I plan to enhance the sandbox by adding other component behaviour, and some levels.

See you !