New track “Bots” and back to code


I release some days ago a new track named “Bots”. I was playing with Sunvox and some distorsion effects. In the same time, I had another composition exercise. Those two approaches where very differents I try to found a way to make them sound together, and here is “Bots”. For the melody, I had to find four chords in the same scale so I could write a short melody. After trying some I choose a A minor scale. For the screeches, which make me think of mad robots, I use a native sunvox distorsion module and play 2 notes.

Today, I am more confident with my music skills. I know I have a lot more to learn. I’m having piano/composition courses once a week that help me a lot. Now I can continue the game which has been suspended for too long now ! So next time, I’ll be able to show more about the light puzzle. I plan to add better light path representation, better controls, all components working and victory condition !

So see you next time !