Brutal Pico Race 1.0.2

Brutal Pico Race 1.0.2
Brutal Pico Race 1.0.2

Almost a week since first public release, and here is a new release answering the first feedbacks.

What’s new in this release :

1.0.2 :

  • Increased difficulty
  • 3 kinds of bots (a heavy, a normal and a light one)
  • Better end screen (with rainbow win/lose)
  • Changing camera after race with up/down keys
  • Other ship progress on the left
  • Cooldown for ships collision damage
  • Changing track loader, now there is room for 3 new tracks, coming in next release,
  • Better boost visual-fx engine trail
  • Fix boost sound-fx in splitscreen
  • Change morgan3d heapsort with ciura’s shellsort

In next release, depending on the feedbacks :

  • 3 more tracks 🙂
  • Time board, for a longer single player experience
  • 2 chans music when playing ?
  • death when hp<0 ? for the moment, it just affects the boost load and cooldown
  • What you thinks is important and I have room to add =)

You can find the game on, official pico8 BBS and Indiedb

Have fun !



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