Brutal Pico Race 1.0.3 last update !

I’m happy to share with you the last Brutal Pico Race update. This version contains 3 more tracks, the tricky ones ;), a persistent time board, in game music (2 channels for music and the last 2 for sound fx). I also change the ship name, to be less “engineer code” name, but something easier to remember…

But most of all, you can now die ! as the other ships…

I add some tricks on main page, and a hud explaination.

Brutal Pico Race is a 5 month adventure on my side, I’m happy to share it with you

Have Fun

Brutal Pico Race sur

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Brutal Pico Race



  • Be careful with boost activation, before entering a turn is not always a good idea
  • Health affect how often boost  can be activated
  • You can gain some speed by using riding on the half pipe in the turns
  • Collision affect health and speed, so be careful you can’t repair your ship in race and try not to touch other ship to maximize your speed

Damien Hostin (aka YouryKiKi)

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