PicoCyberbank (2019)

Developped on Pico8, this game is a cyberpunk remake of West Bank. For those who don’t know, we embody a mercenary payed to protect the bank. In this cyberpunk version, it is less easy to see at first sight who came with good intention or not because the characters are randomly generated !

Pico Cyberbank - Titre

Pico Cyberbank - gameplay

Available on official pico 8 BBS

Brutal Pico Race (2018)

Developped on Pico8, this game is inspired from the 2nd short movie Neo Tokyo (Running Man) a futuristic race where a runner is so determined that he is able to destroy all of his opponents.

Brutal Pico Race 1.0.2
Brutal Pico Race 1.0.2

Avaiable on, official pico8 BBS and Indiedb

Brutal Pico Race

Electric Mind Pulse

You will find here the differents puzzles that must be solved to help the character to escape :

  • Puzzle 1 – Energy


  • Puzzle 2 – Light


  • Puzzle 3 – Locks

Lock puzzle
Lock puzzle

Red Isle – The Dark Relics (2007)

Mobile gameplay preview Mobile preview Mobile gameplay preview

Red Isle – The Dark Relics gameplay is a lot inspired of Rick Dangerous, but with more logical and predictable traps. It is an old project designed to run on old phones that could run Java with J2ME virtual machine. Pixel art is from Emilie Gaujé.